Friday, 6 January 2012

Just the four of us...(January 05,2012)

I received a text message from him at around 1 o'clock in the morning,
Dinner @ Burger King
while I was on my way to school.
He was asking where I was, and that he needs my help.
so I told him that I'm on my way,
and that I will send him a message as soon as I get there.
When I arrived in school,
I immediately sent him a message and told him that I was already in our room.
He asked me to help him with the industrial plan he is working on and I gladly offer my hand.
I already lost track of time when he told me that it is already 5:30 in the afternoon and that we'll be having our dinner.

So, with another Chinese couple, we went to Burger King.
As always, I let him order for me, since he is the one who will pay for it.
He and his friend ordered 8 burgers, 8 Large fries and drinks.
All those foods for just the 4 of us.
Looking at him ordering our meal always make me smile.

I started with the chicken burger, which made me half full.
So I just ate the fries and sip some Sprite, but then,                 
he keeps on pointing the fish burger to me, 
so I was forced to eat it too, and so is the other pack of  fries.

I remembered that we will be performing a belly dance a week from now,
with the costume showing my tummy!!!
OMG!!!  *(BURP)*

Li and our drinks
Our every is not complete without fries.
His friend and our food
While waiting for the burgers.

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